4 Ways To Get Ahead On Your Workers’ Comp Case

Have you been injured at work and have questions? Read these 4 ways to get ahead on your workers’ comp case, then give us a call today.

1) Choosing the Best Attorney

4 Ways To Get Ahead On Your Workers' Comp CaseYou need a workers’ compensation lawyer who knows what they’re doing and who’s tried cases. The insurance company handles hundreds of cases every day. The claims adjuster is uniquely skilled to try and figure out how to deny you benefits, how to limit your lost wage recovery, how to limit your medical care, and the medical expenses. You must have a lawyer to even the playing field.

2) Emotional Distress from a Client

When a workers’ compensation client reaches out to us for the first time, they’re typically scared. They’re confused about how the workers’ compensation process works and they need that information. They need reassurance about how the process can be used for their benefit instead of the insurance company’s benefit. We try to put our clients at ease by answering their questions, calming their fears, and coming up with a game plan to help.

3) Scheduled Workers’ Comp Injury

In Alabama, there are scheduled member injuries, which typically involve injuries to the hands, arms, legs, or feet. There’s a certain amount of compensation that you are entitled to based on the schedule and the weeks listed for the loss of use of that body part. An unscheduled injury would be an injury to the head, neck, spine, shoulders, or hips. That’s a different compensation structure. You will need an attorney to help sort out whether this is a scheduled injury, or unscheduled, or a whole person injury. Those laws are complex, and you will need guidance with that.

4) Medical Bills

If you’re injured at work, your employer is responsible for authorized medical benefits. That means that they designate the treating physician. If that physician refers you to another specialty, your employer and their insurance carrier must pay that specialist. You must have that treatment through the authorized workers’ compensation doctors.

Have you or a loved one been injured at work and have questions about 4 ways to get ahead on your workers’ comp case? Contact our experienced Alabama Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Jacob Maples today for a confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.