Personal Injury Claims Still Matter

A lot has changed in the past few months. People spend more time focused on what they can no longer do or have to do differently. Work has changed for most people also. Perhaps they have lost their job, or the demands at their workplace have increased.


Healthcare has changed. People’s perspectives have changed. People who were frustrated with their employment are now profoundly grateful to have a job. People who suffer from minor health conditions are glad that they haven’t faced the more serious health concerns facing many in our community.


However, through all of this, people are still being hurt as a result of the negligence or wrongful conduct of others.


When a catastrophic injury occurs, the cause of the injury may not be immediately obvious or even discernible. While people are focused on lots of other overwhelming issues right now, investigating the cause of such injuries is important. Whether it’s the result of a car accident, tractor-trailer, defective product, or workplace injury, the opportunity for recovery may be multi-faceted. What might on its face appear to be a simple car accident could also involve a defective product, whether a component of the vehicle or the vehicle itself. On-the-job injuries may result in a workers’ compensation claim but could also involve a claim for long-term or short-term disability.


Pursuing every contributing cause can make a big difference in the quality of life for the person injured and the others who depend on them. 


Many lawyers who handle a large volume of cases pursue only the obvious quickest-paying remedy, overlooking or ignoring the more significant and challenging claims.  This has been especially true when everyone has been distracted by the pandemic.


We understand the importance of thoroughly investigating personal injury claims despite the additional challenges the pandemic has caused.  And our personal injury lawyers understand the importance of maximizing the compensation for our clients. Sometimes lives depend on it. Contact us for legal consultation!