What to Do After a Work Accident

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Steps After a Worker Injury

What to Do After a Work AccidentThe first step after being  hurt on the job is to make sure you have taken care of your injuries. You need to be assessed by a skilled doctor. If that’s an emergency room doctor because you have an emergency condition, that’s the first priority. We’ll worry about everything else later. If you are physically able to,  give notice to your employer. If you are not able to, you need to do that as soon as you can. The first priority is medical care. If your employer has denied you medical care, go to the E.R. We will address that later in the claim. Your first priority is getting to a doctor who can assess and treat your injuries properly.

Mistakes to Avoid After a Workers’ Compensation Claim

The biggest mistake of a workers’ compensation claim is to assume the insurance adjustor has good intentions. They never do. Their job is to minimize the insurance companies’ monetary exposure. This means paying less benefits to you for a shorter period and denying your medical. So, the biggest mistake is to trust that relationship with an adjustor who’s tried to ingratiate themselves with you. They’re not your friend, and they’re not there to help you.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees

If you have put off contacting an attorney because you are worried about being able to afford one, the good thing about workers’ compensation cases is that they are contingent fee only, which means the  fee is paid out of the end result, the recovery at the end of the claim, not as you go. There is no up-front payment, no out-of-pocket costs. All you pay is a contingent fee paid at the very end, which the law caps at 15%.

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