Workers’ Comp in Times of COVID

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the workplace. It has also affected insurance companies, healthcare, and our court system, thus also workers’ compensation. But people continue to experience on-the-job injuries. So, what do they do? 


Workers' Comp in Times of COVIDWhile many workforces and work schedules have been and continue to be altered, people are still working. And those who are working are most likely doing their job differently than before. Accidents happen regularly in every type of position. But more accidents happen when routines and processes are changed. 


Getting the help necessary to treat an injury has become more challenging too. Whether it’s limited availability of facilities or services, those injured are facing additional challenges in seeking diagnosis, treatment, physical therapy, and vocational assistance.


COVID-19 has also impacted the system that compensates injured workers. Insurance companies and the courts have adjusted work schedules and processes like everyone else.  We must adapt to effectively deal with them.


While COVID-19 has made workers’ compensation cases more difficult, we continue to relentlessly pursue the rights of injured workers. Our knowledge and experience coupled with our willingness to adapt has proven invaluable to our clients during these unprecedented times. How can we help?


An experienced Huntsville workers’ compensation attorney can help you at any and every stage of this process. Contact us today at (256) 533-2440.